Long-Flight Essentials

Moving from one side of the world to the other in half a day it is definitely an advantage of technology but when we think about staying more than 16 hours sitting on a plane it can be a pain in the butt.

In this post, I am going to share my long-flight travel essentials so you make sure you pack them next time!

Let's get into it.


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  • Wallet: This needs to be with you at all times, here you will have your important documents (passport/flight tickets/ credit cards). Be sure to keep it always in your carry-on and have always cash available for any emergency.
  • Phone: An infinite source of entertainment where you can download music, movies, podcast. Play games, write on notes and more. Don't forget about it.
  • Headphones: This is my number one essential, you will use it almost all the flight and is nice to have your own pair of comfortable headphones instead of the [bad quality] the airlines provide.
  • Charger: Be sure to bring the cable to charge all your devices including phone, headphones, battery, laptop, etc. In 12+ hours you will definitely need to charge your devices.
  • Power Bank: It is very probable your plane will have a charging station if it's a long flight but I recommend you to bring one anyway just to be sure or to charge two devices at the same time.
  • Water bottle: You can't bring a filled water bottle inside the airport but bring an empty one and fill it after you go through security, on plains they give you cups of water but is better to have a big container, you need to stay hydrated plus #ecofriendly.


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  • Laptop: If you are like me, probably you are planning on working during the flight so a laptop is a super helpful tool for this. Don't be afraid to carry it on, also it is safer to travel it in the carry-on than check it in.
  • Book: A long flight is a perfect opportunity to read that book you've been putting aside for so long.
  • Notebook: You will get tired of electronic devices after a while so going the old school with paper and pen is recommended.
  • Planner: Again, long flights are the perfect opportunity to get organized, even if you are going on vacations or coming back.
    • Use this time to write all your to-do's and empty your saturated mind.

—Health & Beauty—

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  • Face Lotion: My face gets dry during planes, so having always a face cream or lotion near helps me with this.
  • Lip Balm: Same with the face, my lips also tend to get dry, and my all time favorite lip balm is "Carmex".
  • Antibacterial: Planes are dirty. Before eating or doing anything be sure to disinfect your hands. Hygiene measures.
  • Advil/ Aspirin: Just in case, it is a long flight and there exists the possibility that you will have a headache, stomach ache or menstrual cramps. Have medicine as a prevention.
  • Headband: During long flights, I usually change my hairstyle from a ponytail to a bun, to my hair down but in all cases a headband is always helpful to keep it away of my face

Well, that was everything for today, reply in the comments what are your absolute essentials when you travel on a plain and what do you think about mine,

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