Preparing for a flight is essential for you to enjoy it, and make the most out of it.
So here are my 5 things to do before a flight that will save you many headaches, and I even would suggest you to do it one night before. So without further ado let’s get into it.

1. Download any Netflix movie/series & Spotify music you want to hear

My absolute favorite way to entertain during flights is by listening to music or catching up with my favorite tv show. So, if you are not already using this amazing two apps download them right now. Netflix & Spotify. It’s true, you need a membership for both, but it’s totally worth it, and if you fly often this will save you many times.
If you already have this apps don’t forget to download the series or movies you want to watch before hand because in most planes there is no wifi. And with music is the same, double check if that playlist you’ve been listening 24/7 for the past couple of weeks is downloaded, maybe isn’t and you will save yourself a frustration.

2. Weight your luggage (you never know)

This one is super important, and it doesn’t receive the attention it should. So I am going to say it: WEIGHT YOUR LUGGAGE, again, just to double check you are within your allow weight. If you are like me that most of the time you travel by yourself there is no extra time to go back home and you wouldn’t like to leave stuff behind. When you finish packing just check and it will make a difference, I promise.
Also check that your carry-on doesn’t have any liquid with more than 100ml, they always throw it away and you can avoid it easily. (RIP my new sunscreen)

Pack Snacks & Bring a bottle of water

This one is specially for long flights, yes, they give you food, and yes, is not the best. I always forget this one, and I regret it every time, you will be hungry for sure, so one night before, go to the supermarket and buy your favorite snacks; it can be chips, it can be cookies or something healthier like pistachios, I don’t know, just pack it. You will thank me later.
Also take an empty water bottle. I know they take out the liquids in security, but you can fill it in once you passed security. They always give water but it’s a small cup and on long flights you need to stay hydrated so take one.
Plus you help the environment by reducing your plastic usage.

Dress comfortable

Flights are not the occasion to impress with your amazing fashion sense, flights are long so it’s better to be with something comfortable. 9/10 times I fly in sweats (leggings + hoodie) and I recommend it.

Check in/ pack important documents

This one is pretty obvious but forgetting important documents keeps happening to many. This action doesn’t take a lot of time but it does save you a lot of it. Check that you have everything with you and if you can check in online, you will have less things to do, once you arrive in the airport.
That’s everything for today,
Comment below any other thing you consider important to do before a flight, and check out my long flight essentials
See you next time!



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