About Me

Who says students can’t travel around the world?

Val Voyage is a blog dedicated to young travelers and/or students who are hungry for learning new things and knowing new places. The purpose of this blog is to provide you help on how to be organized in your next class and also on your next trip. Here you will find the perfect balance between going to school and travel. And why not? Also how you can do both things at the same time and still have time to party.

Welcome to my blog, I am Valeria an 18-year-old Mexican who is ready to know the world. Currently, I’m studying abroad in Singapore a place totally different from my hometown in the north of Mexico, where I have the opportunity to travel through South East Asia. And I am so excited to be sharing all my tips, hacks, stories, and new learnings from this amazing experience.
If you are interested in joining this boat of fun, adventure, craziness and sorry I have to say it study you are more than welcome.

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Let's see each other more often!

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