I originally opened this blog with the idea of creating one more lifestyle/fashion/beauty blog like the ones I’ve been reading for the past couple of years, then I also thought about including travel and school advice because I was about to go and live abroad and I felt I had a lot to share, and while I do still believe I have a lot to share… I also feel I have changed in these past years, and the content I want to share with the world has change with me.

The truth is that I really like the name of this blog, so I’ll keep it and I also like the idea of teaching my readers something useful, but I will start doing it in a different way. Through stories, through topics that interest me a lot, through books I just finish reading, through countries I’ve recently visited.

I want to share here my worldview, I also want to question my beliefs in here, like how do we know anything is true? I am what I read, what I eat, with who I talk to, what I do and that is precisely what I want to share with you.

I hope you feel as excited for this new chapter as I do.

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